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Department Academic Department, Ophthalmology, Royal Eye Hospital, Manchester
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David Henson graduated in Ophthalmic Optics from City University in 1970. He then worked as a pre-registration student and research assistant at the Institute of Optometry (formerly London Refraction Hospital) unitl qualifying as an optometrist in 1971. He then practisedoptometry in North London before taking the MSc "Methods in Ophthalmic Investigation" at Aston University. After graduating from the course in 1973 he went on to take a PhD in "Physiological Optics" at Indiana University, research dissertation title "Investigation into corrective saccadic eye movements". After obtaining his PhD in 1976 he went on to lecture in the Optometry Department at Cardiff University unitl 1995 when he took up his current appointment at the University of Manchester. Main areas of research interest are visual function in the diseased eye, ocular imaging and instrumentation. Particularly interested in developing better ways of both dtecting and monitoring ocular disease. Previous work has involved the development of visual field instruments which incorporated optimised glaucoma screening test strategies. Instruments incorporating these strategies (Henson 3200 and Henson Pro) are widely used by UK optometrists and in screening programmes throughout the world. Henson is the author of the following texts:

"Optometric Instrumentation" 2nd Edition 1996. Butterworth-Heinemann
"Visual Field" 1993. Oxford University Press

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