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Position Consultant Ophthalmologist, Moorfields Eye Hospital since 1989.
Researcher Areas

Current research undertaken by my team is in three areas: ocular infections in which there is one group carrying out studies on epidemiological and clinical research into keratitis and another group undertaking laboratory based studies into biomaterial related infections including both contact lens related infections and intra-ocular lens related. The second area is into inflammatory diseases of the anterior segment; Laboratory based clinical research on ocular cicatricial pemphigoid linked to clinical research on this disease was a major focus in 1997 in collaboration with Professor Lightman. Currently clinical studies of immunosupressive regimens are continuing but the direction of laboratory based research has altered towards studies on the role of metalloproteases in corneal extracellular matrix degradation in ulcerative disease with Gerd Geerling in collaboration with Professor Khaw's wound healing group. Clinical studies on the management of ocular surface diseases have run throughout this period and are closely related to the clinical workload. These studies have included the role of submandibular gland transplantation for patients with severe dry eye with Gerd Geerling in collaboration with Mr Richard Collin (Adnexal Service) and Peng Khaws wound healing group for cell culture studies. Studies on the role of serum drops with Alex Poon, Gerd Geerling and Andrew Ramsay and amniotic membrane transplantation with Ewan Craig, Alex Poon and Andrew Ramsay.

A randomised controlled trial of cataract surgical techniques has been completed and the first publication submitted. Other publications are being prepared by the study group at Moorfields and the Oxford Eye Hospital.

Qualifications MA (Zoology) BA (Medical Sciences) BM BCh DO FRCS FCOphth DM
Affiliations Hon. Senior Research Fellow, Dept of Clinical Ophthalmology, University College London since 1998.
Committee Memberships Current membership of hospital committees:
Medical Advisory Committee (formerly the Medical Committee) 1987-
Clinical Research Board 1996-
Study Leave Committee 1988-
Control of Infections Committee (Chairman) Nov 1997-
Other national and international committee work:
Institute Academic & Research Committee October 1996-
Member of Council of the Oxford Ophthalmological Congress since 1992.
International advisory committee for the Second International Congress on Ocular Infections 1998.
Appointed as a Medical Assessor to the Ophthalmology Group of the General Medical Council's Professional Performance Procedures Assessment Panel 1998
Member of the CJD and Eye Transplantation Review Team for a Review of an Eye Transplantation/CJD incident in 1997 ordered by the Scottish Office under the Chair of Sir William Stewart Jan-Feb 1998 published April 1998.
Member of the Editorial Board and Corneal & External Diseases Section Editor for the British Journal of Ophthalmology from June 1998
Member of UKTSSA user's Cornea advisory Group for 3 yrs from December 1999.
Publications Over 90 papers, 5 chapters and 1 book, principally related to corneal and external diseases and cataract.
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Last Updated : May 2000
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