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Randomised Controlled Trials The randomised controlled trial is one of the simplest, most powerful and revlutionary tools of research. Now with full text on-line, this book will be a valuable source of information for any person interested in the use of RCTs in clinical, research or policy decisions

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Biomedical Tutorial
Public Health Sciences - Quantitative Methods In Medicine - list of on-line stats books, reference manuals
EUROSTAT - the statistical office of the European Community
Rice Virtual Lab In Statatics
Information & Statistics Division - Scottish Health Information On-line
Statistics for Ophthalmologists :
Why medical students should understand statistics (Sheffield University) Which statistical test should you use?
Stats : Steve's Attempt to Teach Statistics (Answers to FAQ's in medical statistics) InStat Guide to Choosing & Interpreting Statistical Tests
Pitfalls of Data Analysis (or How to Avoid Lies and Dammed Lies)
On-line Textbooks:  
Martin Bland's An Introduction to Medical Statistics  
How to Read a Paper (includes Statistics for the Non-Statisticians)  
Randomised Clinical Trials  
Qualitative Research in Healthcare  
Systematic Reviews in Healthcare  
Hyperstat On-line (Useful source of links for introduction to statistics)  
Introduction to Statistics for the Biomedical Sciences  
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